Zonation workshop Mexico

“Zonation workshop to guide conservation strategies for Mesoamerican crop wild relatives in Mexico”

The workshop took place in Mexico City, Mexico, May 28-30, 2018.

Aim of the workshop: 1) to define the areas and species of interest for CWR germplasm collection in Mexico, 2) to select the criteria to be used in the spatial analyses for the identification of important areas for the conservation of Mesoamerican CWR in Mexico, and 3) to propose strategies and actions for the management and conservation of CWR in the areas of interest.

Participants: A total of 26 experts from Mexican universities and research institutions participated in the workshop along with 28 project collaborators from IUCN (UK), CONAP (Guatemala), ICTA (Guatemala), CENTA (El Salvador), INIFAP (Mexico) and CONABIO (Mexico).

The experts selected areas and species of interest for germplasm collection and ex situ conservation of wild relatives of the following crops: corn, avocado, tomato, potato, vanilla, cotton, beans, squash and chili peppers. In addition, the priority areas for in situ conservation of CWR obtained through a systematic conservation planning exercise were evaluated, and the actions needed for the ex situ and in situ conservation of wild relatives of the cultivated species addressed were outlined.

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