Zonation workshop Guatemala

“Zonation workshop to guide conservation strategies for Mesoamerican crop wild relatives in Guatemala”

The workshop took place in Antigua, Guatemala, July 4-5, 2018.

Aim of the workshop: 1) To define areas and species of interest for collecting CWR germplasm in Guatemala, 2) to select the criteria that should be included in the spatial analysis to identify important areas for the conservation of Mesoamerican CWR in Guatemala, and 3) to propose strategies and actions for the management and conservation of CWR in the areas of interest.

Participants: A total of 42 experts from universities and research institutes from Guatemala, as well as project collaborators from ICTA (Guatemala), University of Birmingham (UK), IUCN (UK), CENTA (El Salvador) and CONABIO (Mexico) participated in the workshop.

Guatemalan experts selected three main areas to collect CWR germplasm from species of the genus Cucurbita, Ipomoea, Manihot, Phaseolus, Persea, Solanum and Zea. Experts also suggested to include other criteria to model the scenarios of in situ conservation of CWR in Guatemala such as land use and risks of natural disasters, in addition to those used to generate the areas evaluated during the workshop. Actions to be carried out for the conservation of wild relatives of the cultivated species addressed were also outlined.

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